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†† A N N I V E R S A R Y | 13.09. 2013 | 7pm

  • Location:
    team titanic, flughafenstr. 50, berlin, neuköllm, 12045, DE

[text=center]Ain't no iCeberg deep enough[/text]

On Friday the 13th, the luckiest day of the calendar, †eam †itanic invites you to inebriate yourself with them for their 1st birthday, ever!

To mark this historic event, a great monument of the North Atlantic Ocean, never before seen in Berlin will be brought on land and beheld by those brave enough to get close. Its majesty, beauty and vastness will inspire fear and wonder.

In order to thank all the people who accompanied †† during the last year in many strange and wonderful ways, helping to steer the ship directly to the spinning bottom, †† would like to offer this heartfelt evening.

♡ ☺ ♡ LINE-UP T.B.A ♡ ☺ ♡
special needs friends with benefits will be breaking the ice-burg.
DJ sets and live artists playing from 8pm.

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Teamtimidly yours