Future of Brain Science and the Military with Jonathan Moreno, Mind Wars Author

  • Location:
    Geraldo's Cafe in Brooklyn Law's Feil Hall, 1st Flr, 205 State Street, Brooklyn, New York, New York, US

In conjunction with the Brooklyn Futurist Society the Volumetric Society is sponsoring a timely and relevant presentation by Jonathan D. Moreno, Author of Mind Wars who explores DARPA and the role of the intelligence community and university science departments in preparing the military and intelligence services for the 21st century. Super soldiers, drugs that erase fear and the need to sleep, neuroscience, advanced prosthetics and other initiatives are changing the course of modern warfare with many ethical concerns.

Jonathan covers these issues in his recent book, Mind Wars. He is also the author of The Body Politic: The Battle Over Science in America, Is There An Ethicist in the House, Undue Risk: Secret State Science Experiments on Humans and Deciding Together: Bioethics and Moral Consensus.


Admission is $3 - cash at door only. Drinks and light snacks will be available as part of admission.