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Altered self-perception and incarnated performance in New York, Seoul, Amsterdam, Graz

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    New York, Seoul, Amsterdam, Graz

Dear friends and colleagues,
After 6 months of winter, we can now warm up our minds with a deserved spring.
Here we are with the fifth mailout April 2013.


- Nigredo: a new private work for altered self-perception created at STEIM
- New award: Creativity + Technology = Enterprise funded by Rockefeller Foundation
- [radical] signs of life: a large-scale, biophysical, interactive dance premiere at EMPAC
- Ominous, and other incarnated sounds in Graz, Seoul, Amsterdam, New York
- The Xth Sense featured on the BBC
- Biomuse (1990) meets Xth Sense (2010), wrapping 30 years of biotechnology in music

thanks for reading,
sincerely yours,
Marco Donnarumma