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13 Compositions by Yoshi Sodeoka

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ANI GIF (ani-gif.com) is an online gallery for artists to explore the creative possibilities of the Animated GIF file format.

v2.2 features [url="http://ani-gif.com/2.2/]13 Compositions by Yoshi Sodeoka[/url][/b][/i].


[i]YOSHI SODEOKA (sodeoka.com) is a multidisciplinary artist and musician from Yokohama, Japan, who’s lived and worked in New York for more than two decades. Sodeoka’s projects have been shown all over the world, from London's Tate Britain, New York City's Deitch Projects, The Creators Project’s La Gaîté lyrique in Paris, Edinburgh’s MU, São Paulo’s Rojo Nova, Barcelona’s OFFF, Baltimore Museum of Art, London's OneDotZero, Barcelona's Sonar Festival, Haifa Museum Israel, Berlin's Transmediale and Whitney Museum of America's Art, Artport. Sodeoka's work is in the permanent cocollections of Museum of the Moving Image as well as the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.[/i]

✖ Curated by [url="http://danielrehn.com"]Daniel Rehn[/url] + [url="http://sarahcaluag.com"]Sarah Caluag[/url]