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Email Bombing the IRS against offshore Loopholes TAX DAY April 15th - ACTION DAY - Loophole4All.com

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Email Bombing the IRS against Offshore Loopholes for the multinationals, global banks and the wealthy.
Tax Action Day, Monday April 15th, 2013.

Official pages of the Tax Day action:
Take action for Tax Justice! Fight the legality of offshore tax havens by exposing them.

Did you know that most of today’s multinational corporations and some of the world’s wealthiest individuals pay NO taxes? If you’re concerned about the national deficit, budget cuts, austerity plans, and billionaire bailouts—and you should be—then get involved.

To join in the action, choose a company's Cayman Islands certificate (200,000 of them here) and email the jpeg to the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration: WhistleblowerProtection@tiga.treas.gov or mail to the addresses listed here.

Examples of JPGs images to send to the IRS email WhistleblowerProtection@tiga.treas.gov:

Help to spread the meme of the Tax Action Day on April 15th.
Please forward this to your friends and share on your social networks! Suggested tweets:

#TAXDAY ACTION Email Bombing #IRS Against #Offshore loopholes send Certificates of Incorporation of #CAYMANS firms: http://Loophole4All.com/press-taxday.php

#TAXDAY ACTION EXPOSE #OFFSHORE Email #CAYMAN certificates to IRS: WhistleblowerProtection@tiga.treas.gov http://Loophole4All.com/press-taxday.php #LEAKS #ART

#OffshoreLeaks ACTION for #TAXDAY Email #CAYMANS certificates to IRS: WhistleblowerProtection@tiga.treas.gov More:http://Loophole4All.com/press-taxday.php

Tax Action Day – Loophole4All.com - #OffshoreLeaks http://Loophole4All.com/press-taxday.php

Or for those of you who want to do more, you can join Loophole4All and become a pirate, hijacking a Cayman company to avoid taxes. Order a certificate and Cayman Islands mailbox to extend a new form of protest against unjust laws.

It’s easy—it’s free—and it sends a powerful message to the corporations and individuals who have been taking unfair advantage of current, lax laws and avoiding billions in taxes.

Former Press Releases of Loophole4All project:


In response to the backlash by PayPal and in celebration of Tax Day, a video interview with Paolo Cirio will be released on the 15th April on GRIT TV. Stay tuned at http://grittv.org !
Learn more:
Watch the full interviews with the major offshore experts for more insight about the offshore world, its origins, effects, history and other ugly truths. Beyond wealthy individuals, offshore centers are structural to the global economy:
Also note the final list of the damaging issues that the offshore world enables, assembled through the research and investigation made by Paolo Cirio. Beyond wealth, offshore business challenges the notion of law in our globalized world:

Others news from Investigations About the Offshore World:

Shocking new leak of the British Virgin Islands, the Cook Islands and Singapore companies and trusts made the global media headlines:
Shocking new documentary about offshore networks in Netherlands and beyond by the Dutch national TV:
Shocking new article about the offshore world and the complicity of powerful governmental organizations:

Thanks for the attention.