Ducks in a Row - Refusalon Gallery

  • Location:
    Refusalon, 638 20th street, San Francisco, California, US

(A short history of art since Chris Burden had himself shot)

Artists include: Tony Labat, Joseph DeLappe, Jonathon Keats, Nat Wilson, Marcy Freedman, Mimi, Adam Gail, Guido Gerlitz, and Yoram Wolberger.

Shmulik Krampf at Refusalon organizes Ducks In A Row, below ground at:

638 20th street, San Francisco 415 865 9950

Opening reception 12 00PM, Saturday 23 of February,
Gallery hours, Mon – Sat 11- 6 00 PM

To many the expression ducks in a row simply means to be well organized. To some, though, the image instantly conjures up a row of ducks to be shot.

This group show, featuring artists from Dogpatch and beyond, reviews art history since Chris Burden's Shoot (1974), and asks a question: How much time is required to understand, underscore, and move on?

The question applies to art as much as to politics, because the two are interrelated. Sure, it's "just art" – but for the most compelling artists, just art is art that makes justice. (Or is that just a justification?)

What does it mean to see a crime? What are your responsibilities? Do you have a responsibility for the art that you see? Weapons kill. People kill. Words and images kill. And your perception of ducks in a row says a lot about you. In truth, it's a way of organizing people.

So now: Show me a duck!