twin (connected)

  • Location:
    Hamursuz Fırını, Şair Ziya Paşa Yokuşu, No:13 Galata Kuledibi Beyoğlu, Istanbul, 34420, TR

"According to a gossip; at the recent Marina Abramovic show at the MoMA, the performers were all secretly playing with their smart phones during their presence at the gallery…"

Twin (connected) is a multilingual, multimedia performance piece by Genco Gulan that will make its premier this week at Visibility Festival in Istanbul . Connected is the new version of "the twin" series of Gulan. This time he is re-interpreting Marina Abramovic and Ulay's performances called "Relation in Time" (1977/ 2010) with an identical pair of twins; Deniz and Yeliz Çelebi.

In "Twin (connected)", the performers, literally connected to each other from their hair, hold smart phones in their hands, and also got connected to each other through (a) grand network(s). In the project, the twins will sit together motionless for two hours, while interacting with each other, and interact (indirectly) with the audience. In the project a couple of twins will be performing a single character (Ayse Ayse), to remind us of our loneliness in online communities.