Sheroes #11: Dusty Springfield!

  • Location:
    The Beaver , 1192 Queen Street West, TORONTO, CA

Sheroes #11: Dusty Springfield!

TORONTO - (Wednesday, June 13, 2012) - Sheroes will be presenting their latest event, Sheroes #11: Dusty Springfield, on Thursday, June
28th at The Beaver (1192 Queen Street West).

Dusty Springfield latest inductee to the League of Legendary Ladies What yew know abaaaht Cilla, Lulu & Sandie (Dust's three wigs).
The second last installment of the monthly, limited-run art party series — which brings together on and offline works that playfully and
peformatively explore the iconography and fan culture surrounding the League of Legendary Ladies — will be a very special Pride Toronto
variety show extravaganza celebrating Mary Isobel Catherine Bernadette O'Brien's secret White Heat Toronto history. (Think Dusty/Carole.)

For Sheroes #11: Dusty Springfield, organizer Rea McNamara has commissioned an impressive lineup of local and international artists and performers. Inspired by the Queen of the Postmod's trouble-making perfectionist notoriety, these performances, digital animations and interactive installations will reinterpret and remix for one night only our current muse.

Sheroes #11: Dusty Springfield Thursday, June 28, 2012. 10:30PM. The Beaver (1192 Queen Street West)
Contact: Rea McNamara

Performances "Walking Dusty Roads" Drag: Drag Cwene and recent Crews & Tangos Drag
Race 2012 winner Judy Virago (Sodom) will bring sparkle and lipsync vibrato alongside the Queen of the Postmod cosplay of Nancy Bocock.
Ready, Steady LIVE Soul: Sassy Soul Rock n' Roller Siânteuse of The Sphinxes, Vag Halen's Vee Stun & returning Sheroes performer Natalia will each individually perform Dusty reinterpretations that'll take you to the Top of the OBE Pops to the unrecognized depths of her "Soft
Core". League of Legendary Ladies Karaoke! Dancing! The Sheroes Quest continues with Sheroes salonnière reeraw briefly shifting the
immersive party atmosphere into karaoke machine territory with League of Legendary Ladies Karaoke, emcee extraodinaire Silk Degrees holds it
all down, and resident DJ NoLoves will be joined by guest DJ Aaron Knight (Shake A Tail) to bring the chunes.

Digital Animations

Lorna Mills curates The Collective Lesbo Consciousness, a group GIF show projected on the walls of The Beaver. The show will feature the
works of A. Bill Miller, Andrew Benson, Anthony Antonellis, Chiara Passa, Daniel Rehn, Emilie Gervais, Eva Papamargariti, Francoise
Gamma, Gaby Cepeda, Georges Jacotey, Giselle Zatonyl, Grace McEvoy, Haruko Hirukawa, Helen Adamidou, Jennifer Chan, Juan Manuel Morales,
Lorna Mills, Małgosia Woźnica, Manuel Fernández, Oz Melo, Rea McNamara, Rodell Warner, Rollin Leonard, Sally McKay, Sarah Weis, Tony Halmos & Yoshi Sodeoka.

What is Sheroes?
Sheroes is committed to doing herstory right — reinterpreting and remixing the mythic woman-power that pervades digital and actual cultures, realizing new works from ephemeral and archival artifacts.

Our last inductee into the League of Legendary Ladies will be Nina Simone on Thursday, July 26th at The Beaver. For further information regarding our upcoming events, click here.

Our closing event will be Virtual Season, an all-day & night arts & music festival on Sunday, July 29th in Toronto's Kensington Market
that will be co-presented with Whippersnapper Gallery. For more information regarding our festival, click here.

All Sheroes events are brainstormed and archived online at, uniting digital communities with real-time audiences in an ongoing exploration into cultures of fandom and collaborative content creation.

Interactive Installations

"Becoming Dusty" Wig Salon: Trixie & Beever of bbj handmade pop accessories return to the Sheroic fold (they were last with us for Sheroes #9: Dolly Parton) with their unique peroxide beehive wig salon in the Beaver's patio.
Dust Fan Art Giveaway: Resident Artist Rusiko will set up an animated, sub-liminal experience that'll allow you to take your own personal
Dust away. Nail Art Bar: Our popular nail artist Smack of the Hand returns, offering Sheroes attendees PWYC Queen of the Postmods-inspired manis.