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Blow-up introduces Locating Story by Dora García, at Jeu de Paume Espace Virtuel

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    Jeu de Paume Espace Virtuel, Paris, FR

Blow-up introduces Locating Story by Dora García, at Jeu de Paume Espace Virtuel

We are pleased to announce the launch of Locating Story by Dora García, a Twitter performance beginning Monday, February 20 as part of Blow-up curatorial project. With Dora García's intervention, Blow-up concludes its season at the Jeu de Paume virtual space (until March 15th, 2012) and looks forward to its next phase, with more artistic interventions, ongoing research and new displays.

The projects initiated by Blow-up bring into play phenomena of infiltration, re-appropriation and interference. They enter a diverse range of terrains and mediums and open onto a broad spectrum, ranging from micro-actions to spectacular phenomena, a spectrum through which they spread on a multiplicity of scales and rhythms, thereby increasing their “visibility value” in the economy of the immaterial. Narrative flows are associated with each project, recorded by means of social media and visualized through an expanding rhizome.

Locating Story by Dora García combines twitter, geo-location software and performance. A performer will monitor a person as they move through the city, from home to work, from his work to elsewhere. The performer does not know the person; like a detective, he is only given a very brief description and an image - therefore, the performer's first task is to determine who the person is and what his daily routine appears to be. All these observations are transmitted via twitter to a twitter account @locatingstory and to the platform http://blowup-space.com/.
twitter: www.twitter.com/locatingstory

Blow-up artists and projects :

Terminator Studies by Jean-Baptiste Bayle uses state of the art “artificial stupidity” to analyse and comprehend the actualisation of the so called "terminator scenario". “The everyday is a validation of the fictional hypothesis from the movies” – says Bayle.

Didier Courbot placed some objects in spaces such as the stairs, the balcony, the entrance hall, the floor, and the ceiling at the Jeu de Paume. Through these unexpected and indeterminate forms he explores the museum as the locus of a “blow-up”: a place with multiple levels of perception and visibility.

Thomas Hemmings is a fictional character, a paparazzi-surfer, inflating his presence through a whole spectrum of social media.

Charlie Jeffery initiated an infiltration that consists of a physical attack on the concrete structures within which the flow of energy and information takes place. The protocol of his Office of Imaginary Landscape invites us to occupy offices with organic and vegetal forms, to install webcams to shoot these «gardens» and create a network of institutions.

Natasha Rosling's Scale and Forces of Gravity in Desire is a work in progress exploring notions of absurdity inherent within the mediation of bodies in the public arena.

Carlo Steiner is carrying out an investigation on the issues of the creation of information in the press and its presentation to readers.

Blow-up also includes an ongoing archive of historical artistic interventions in the media. http://archive.blowup-space.com

Blow-up is curated by Daniele Balit & Christophe Bruno

All projects are accessible at:

fb: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002930871717
twitter: http://twitter.com/blowup__