@party - a collaborative electronic art festival

  • Location:
    Space with a Soul ideaLounge, 281 Summer St., Boston, Massachusetts, 02210, US

@party is the only demoparty in New England, and part of the demoscene, a community of electronic art creators and enthusiasts most active in Europe.

The video below is the opening sequence of Moleman 2: Art of the Algorithms, a Hungarian documentary about the demoscene. It is a montage of some memorable moments in demos over the history of the scene, presented in chronological order:

At a demoparty, people participate in a variety of competitions (compos) which allow them to demonstrate their technical and artistic skills. Although most parties have demo and music compos, the other categories involved may vary considerably, including everything from film/animation, to games, wild (anything goes), and sponsored events (like the web demo compos sponsored by Mozilla Labs at various parties in 2010).

People participating in the demoscene (also known as sceners) include visual artists and designers, musicians, coders, animators, game developers, composers, and electrical engineers.

Historically, the demoscene has centered around demos, generally noninteractive demonstrations of coding, artistic, and musical prowess which run realtime on computers. Demos aren’t films or games, although people often take captures, since sometimes a particular video card, processor speed, or sound card is needed to watch specific productions, known as prods for short.

In addition to competing, attendees at demoparties socialize, learn from each other, and sometimes collaborate onsite on last minute entries.

We’ll be holding two promotional events at Artisan’s Asylum, a maker\hackerspace in Somerville, MA, in the lead-up to the party. On April 27th, we’ll be doing a presentation on the demoscene and a short demoshow http://demoscene-aa1.eventbrite.com/. On May 23rd, we’ll be showing a recently released Hungarian documentary about the demoscene, Moleman 2: Art of the Algorithms; to get a ticket, visit http://moleman2-artisansasylum.eventbrite.com.

To find out more, please visit our website.