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In a continously increasing hectic and fast life, things and images of our time just tell us fleeting emotions and they often pass-by making no tracks.
So we have to look for a stronger energy movement, awake our moods, rediscover the "Sentiments". Thomas Aquinas in his best-known work the Summa Theologica, considers eleven "Sentiments": love, hate, desire, aversion, joy, sorrow, hope, despair, fear, courage and anger.
The paintings, sculptures and digital cultures, which will be on exhibition from January 28 to February 5 2012 at Stazione Leopolda in Pisa, are the exemplification of this list created by the great theologian.
The exhibition, organized by Nicola Domenici and Maurizio Marco Tozzi, features the works of 32 artists from Italy, Austria, France, Germany, Japan, Switzerland who are linked by this great thread.
Giovanna Ambrogi
Matteo Arfanotti
Paolo Bacci
David Bertolaso
Cristian Biasci
Marta Buggiani
Marta Cadonici
Stefano Corsini
Federico Cosci
Rossano Di Cicco Morra
Sandra Di Marcantonio
Sabina Feroci
Shozo Koike
Fabrizio Lavagna
Libero Maggini
Giuseppe Malfattore
Daniela Marchetti
Francesco Minniti
Sibylla Pasche
Marco Pavani
Vanda Pianini
Manfred Reinhart
Martin Rille
Cinzia Rossi Ghion
Marika Sartori
Maurizio Sassi
Sandra Stanzione Landi
Edoardo Stramacchia
Salvatore Torretti
Carlo Trevisan
Yueh Bing Wen

Special Guest: Alessandro Amaducci