• Location:
    R&D, 2000 N HALSTED , CHICAGO, IL, Illinois, 60614, US

R&D Celebrates its one year anniversary with a special group exhibition 
Contemporary theory proves that time is an elastic concept based on human perception. Humans perceive the passage of time at alternate rates during periods of high stimulation and near death experience. Time is also warped by based on one's proximity from the earth. Time and space: exhibition wherein a select group of artists explore their personal relationship with time in the context of the gallery space.

  • featuring artwork by
  • sona hovhannisyan
    kim leutwyler
    nick cuevas
    thedore darst
    roman serra
    nick hochstettler
    lou regele
    andrew rigsby
    wefeng frank wefeng
    chris collins
    andrew rosinski
    lydia brockman
    whitney fitzpatrick