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look art

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    Ars Virtua (turbulence.sjsu.edu:2860),

Opening July 16: look art
Ars Virtua pleased to announce the opening of look art, an art show in a multi-user dungeon commissioned by Turbulence.org.
Receptions are scheduled in the space at 10am Pacific and 6pm Pacific time on Saturday July 16, 2011.
You can connect as a visitor via telnet or mud application our server is named turbulence.sjsu.edu and our public port is 2860.
Request an account http://bit.ly/look-art-login to have your own login/password. We also have a http to telnet gateway from Mosha.net (works with firefox and IE): connect as visitor, or to connect and enter credentials(your login and password).
Featured artists are Thomas Asmuth, Alejo Duque, and Christopher Poff.  Artwork represents a conceptual re-interpretation of the portrait through ascii text, a distopian data exchange platform and an interactive artists manifesto.