Subtitles IV - LiveBox at ThreeWalls

  • Location:
    ThreeWalls, 119 N Peoria St # 2D, Chicago, IL, Illinois, 60607, US

Subtitles IV: Year of the Depend Adult Undergarment
April 15, 2011, The Pale King, the final, unfinished, posthumous novel
by David Foster Wallace is being released, and as such, the fourth installment
in the Subtitles series will bring together a series of performance artists to
pay tribute to Wallace’s legacy.
Wallace (1962 - 2008), with virtuosic skill, wove throughout his work obsessively
detailed themes of addiction, (militant) grammar, isolation, tennis,
incontinence, boredom, corporate subsidization, the Perfect Entertainment, and
the pursuit of happiness in America (or, alternatively, the Organization of
North American Nations).  We are happy to have Cassandra Troyan, Georgia
Wall, and Sebastian Alvarez
expound upon these themes.

Cassandra Troyan is an artist and writer whose practice is based in collaborative
experiments, poetry, video, and performance, as a means of initiating a
discourse that broadens and challenges the validity of lived experience. Cassandra
has a poetry chapbook written with her brother Cody Troyan, entitled, Big Bill and the Lonely Nation. She
curates the reading and performance series EAR EATER, with Sara Drake in their
Pilsen apartment dubbed, PARASITE LOST. She works with the collectives Red76,
Nicole Langille in VITALforms, and collaborates with Zefrey Throwell, Ola
Stahl, Genevieve White and is a Curatorial Assistant and correspondent with
Bureau for Open Culture. She has exhibited or screened her work nationally and
internationally, and will participate in Open Engagement 2011 in Portland,
Oregon and perform at MASS MoCA for Bureau for Open Culture this summer.
Georgia Wall’s performance and video work explores concepts
of perception, memory and visibility in relation to live work. She investigates
methods that allow her body, as the performer, to be unseen by creating
performative structures that rely on the interpretation of a select number of
viewers. Georgia is the recipient of The World Less Traveled Grant, Clash of
the Artists Award and AICUO Award for Excellence in the Visual Arts. She has
performed and shown work in New York City, San Francisco and Chicago as well as
in Turkey and Canada.

Sebastian Alvarez, born in Lima, Peru, is
an interdisciplinary performance artist, who is interested in transforming his
personal vision into social responsibility with new cultural imperatives that
include a renewed sense of community, an ecological reintegration, and greater
access to the mythic and archetypal bases of bio-restoration.
In addition, there will be a reading from The Pale King by LiveBox’s Matt