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  • Location:
    Halle Dardè, Place Paul Dardè, Lodeve, FR

an increasingly hectic and fast life, objects and images of our time
tell us only fleeting emotions and we often pass by without leaving any
trace.So we have to go looking for a stronger movement of energy, awaken our moods, discover the sentiments.St.
Thomas Aquinas, in his Sum Theologica, admits eleven Sentiments: love,
hate, desire, aversion, joy or pleasure, sorrow or sadness, hope,
despair, fear, courage, anger.The
works on display from March 26 to April 10, at the facilities of Halle
dart Lodeve are the exemplification of this list was born from the
thought of the great theologian. The
exhibition, during the two-week stay, includes three series of meetings
among seven artists from Italy and Spain, related precisely to this
great thread.  It
will be interesting to see what sentiments are hidden in the paintings
by Fabrizio Lavagna, in the sculptures by Filippo Canesi, Marta Cadonici,
Nicola Domenici and Vanda Pianini, photographs by Roberto Canedo
Balboa, in the video installation by Maurizio Marco Tozzi. Within the Halle Dardi artists will exhibit on the following dates:

March 26 to 28 Fabrizio Lavagna, Marta Cadonici, Nicola Domenici, Vanda Pianini and Maurizio Marco Tozzi
from March 29 to April 1 Fabrizio Lavagna and Filippo Canesi
April 1 to 10 Fabrizio Lavagna and Roberto Canedo Balboa
Opening Saturday, March 26 at 18
Opening hours from 9 to 19