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Capture : Demo Party

  • Location:
    Pavillon Sherbrooke de l'UQAM, 200, rue Sherbrooke Ouest, Montreal, Quebec, H2X3P2, CA

Capture is a prolific rock band. It never stops producing new songs by retrieving lyrics on the Internet and composing generative music according to a specified criteria. Concerts  typically last 8 hours or more and are also an event for the production of new images and sculptures which are dictated by its context.
Capture has a very active social life on the Internet. It submits new messages on Facebook and Twitter at every minute. A vast number of tasks are simultaneously automated that even the band members cannot listen to  everything.
Since the musical industry never ceases to announce its
death, Capture reverses the problem’s datum. By being very productive, Capture even exceeds the possibility of being listened to.