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New online journal: Experimental Poetics and Aesthetics
by Jim Andrews
Experimental Poetics is a new online journal in English, Spanish, and Portuguese.

Doc at the Radar Station
by Gregory Whitehead
Whitehead writes of the impact of Captain Beefheart on his own work.

Nick Montfort & Stephanie Strickland / Sea and Spar Between
by Jim Andrews
The generative/interactive piece uses Emily Dickinson's poems and Herman Melville's Moby Dick.

iPhone apps for Native languages in western Canada
by Jim Andrews
iPhone apps for the Sencoten language, spoken on southern Vancouver Island, and Halq'eméylem, spoken in the Fraser Valley of the same area, have recently been released.

Wikileaks, Napster, and the Ayatollah Flanagan
by Jim Andrews
1) Napster and Wikileaks; 2) Social importance of Wikileaks; 3) the Ayatollah Flanagan.

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