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Wikileaks, Napster, and the Ayatollah Flanagan
by Jim Andrews
An article describing 1) a parallel between Wikileaks and Napster 2) the
value of Wikileaks 3) the revolting Canadian Ayatollah Flanagan and his
fatwa against the founder of Wikileaks.

P.o.E.M.M. = Poems for Excitable Mobile Media
by Jason Lewis
P.o.E.M.M. is a research/creation project looking at how to write and
implement poetry designed for touch interaction on mobile devices. It's an
attempt to sketch out the space of possibilities for a poetic structure that
incorporates dynamic, interactive and tactile strategies as a core component
of the writing process and presentation.

Radio Poetics, Interference and Muck
by Gregory Whitehead
Gregory Whitehead, acclaimed audio writer known to some simply as The
Pleasure, triangulates poetics of Radio amid the digital. "Radio poesis
flows from the edges, some of them very fragile and sensitive, and
occasionally they may even swell or bleed. Edges between signal and noise.
Edges of frequency and range, both of which implicate edges of power and
politics. Edges between attraction and repulsion; between Eros and

New online issue of CIAC's magazine
by Jim Andrews
The CIAC is the Centre for International Contemporary Art in Montréal. They
publish on the net a long-running magazine, now edited by Paule Makrous,
that features web art, interviews, reviews, and other work. The most recent
issue (38) features poetry by some of the victims of Ravensbrück, a Nazi
concentration camp for women. And an interview with Gregory Chatonsky. And
an interview with me by Paule. And other work.