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Miracle of Chile

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The Miracle of Chile is a multifaceted art project investigating Milton Friedman's famous phrase "Miracle of Chile." In 1981 Friedman declared the phrase to reflect a transformation of Chile's economy through a neoliberal formula of privatization, deregulation of markets and cuts to social spending.

Today, we live in the midst of a global economic crisis that has lead us to question neoliberal philosophy. The art project consists of a workshop, public situation, bus intervention and a virtual labyrinth. Each element asks participants in Chile (the first country to fully adopt neoliberalism) to identify the Miracle of Chile as reflected in personal lives and civil space. (Tour the virtual labyrinth to see images taken as part of the workshop.)

The project is executed for the exhibition portables at the Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes, Mall Plaza Vespucio, curated by Ignacio Nieto and on view from 14 August through 19 September. The exhibition includes the work of Michelle Teran, Chimbalab, Alejandra Perez, Carolina Pino, GraphTech, Otto Von Busch, Ricardo Miranda Zuniga and Kurt Olmstead.