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From glitches and disrupted audiovisual flows to scrambled signals and noise via avant-retard aesthetics and live montage - Sound & Television offers you artistic re-imaginations of the future (and past) of live digital-TV broadcasting.

As a Transmission Art series, Sound & Television invites artists who work with the materiality of audiovisual flows to realise performances exploring the performativity of television: not live on TV, but live as TV. During six half-hour long television transmissions, a group of Danish and International artists develop performances where the transmission itself becomes the artwork. The performances all reflect on different significant aspects of the changing conditions of broadcasting. In the new DVB-T (digital terrestrial television) environment, the very transmission format of TV has changed, from symmetric analog to asymmetric data flows, encoded in the MPEG format and decoded through software implemented in everything from flat-screen TV's, set-top-boxes and PC's.

Signal, noise, feedback, liveness and flow along with standardized production formats are all aspects of the television medium which are reshaped in digital, networked media. Rather than a stream-lined sound- image of digital convergence, Sound & Television will strive to act as a springboard for an aesthetic "media-clash" reflecting on the political- aesthetic of old and new media forms.

Transmission Schedule Spring 2010
27-04-2010___AYMERIC MANSOUX

 (open studio)
25-05-2010___ROSA MENKMAN

01-06-2010___SVEN KÖNIG


15-06-2010___VICKI BENNETT aka PEOPLE LIKE US (open studio)

Sound & Television is curated by Linda Hilfling and Kristoffer Gansing in collaboration with tv-tv, Copenhagen.

The transmissions will take place throughout six Tuesday evenings from late April to mid June 2010. On these Tuesdays, at 21.30-22.00, the artists will occupy the transmissions of "i mellemtiden" ("meanwhile"), a new artistic TV-project administrated by the artist-run experimental TV-station tv-tv in Copenhagen. tv-tv is a non-commercial TV channel which started as a local Copenhagen channel in 2005 but which can now be viewed across Denmark, broadcasting 1 hour per week on all DK regional channels.