divination 2.0

  • Location:
    New York

On Friday April 23rd, 8pm will be an opening in celebration of a project called divination 2.0 at 58 North 6th Media Labs, Brooklyn. The project has been an exercise in bringing the emergent experience of our social/computerized self to a precise space, utilizing an architectural sense with video and sound, including Items like screws, wires, and other small parts.

Upon entering Divination2.0, one sees a glowing round mandala that makes visible and frames commonplace words associated with computers. At the touch of movement in the mandala, people are invited in to meditate in stillness. After calmness is sensed by the computer, people can then enter an on-the-spot-created password to find out what Divination2.0 will respond with. This program uniquely utilizes a Google-generated image response as well as recent sociology research on the changing relationship between technology users and culture to treat each participant to his or her unique reading.