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2010 Artcontext Calendar

  • Location:
    New York

Since 1979 Andy Deck has made annual calendars, often featuring work produced collaboratively through online software. Such is the case with the 2010 edition, which relies upon participation to produce 'Artistic Licenses' which are incorporated into this multi-edition calendar. The first month's PDF file for the free edition has been posted and orders are being taken for the pre-printed version.

Until December 15th, contributions are still being accepted via the Artistic License site:
http://artcontext.org/artisticLicense/. Each participant is also eligible for a free laminated edition of his/her Artistic License.

The success or failure of the overall collection depends largely on public participation, referrals, and word-of-mouth, so please pass along the URL in the upcoming week. While hundreds have already participated in the project, hundreds more are needed to finish the calendar as it should be.