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Facebook User Labor Enactments

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    New York

Please come by and join the performance of:

Facebook User Labor Enactments
by Ursula Endlicher

A new performance @ "The Internet as Playground and Factory", a conference on digital labor at the New School in New York. The performance will take place on Friday November 13 at 6PM.

Please register on the conference website at http://digitallabor.org/registration/.

Facebook User Labor Enactments
The code = The choreography


Facebook User Labor Enactments is a new live performance by Ursula Endlicher, which uses ULML code (=User Labor Mark-up Language) as choreography. In the performance on November 13, five performers and the audience will together shape the course of the show.

Using Burak Arikan's newly developed ULML-based software application which collects user activity on Facebook, the performance will combine this online information as well as audience submitted ideas right on stage. The public is invited to add movement directions to a database which will be used by the dancers during the show. The audience can also try out their own movements of the ULML language!

Facebook User Labor Enactments is a collaborative event breaking down boundaries between user and consumer, performer and audience, and is driven by a continuous exchange between Web and body.


Concept / Stage layout / Video projection / Sound: Ursula Endlicher

Web Programming: Ursula Endlicher, David Farine

ULML/Facebook Application written and live feed by Burak Arikan

ULML-movement-library: live feed by Ursula Endlicher - and the audience!

Choreography: ULML-movement-library / live ULML code

Performers: Robert Appleton, Shizu Homma, Laura Meyers, Ralph Meyers, Nancy Schwartz

Production Assistance: Lee Day

Where: The New School
66 West 12th, Room 404
New York, NY 10011

When: Friday, November 13, 2009 at 6PM

More information on the conference "The Internet as Playground and Factory" at http://digitallabor.org/.

Register for the event/performance here: http://digitallabor.org/registration/.

More info on Ursula Endlicher's work at http://www.ursenal.net.

Read more about Burak Arikan's ULML language: http://www.userlabor.org/.