Incheon Digital Art Festival, INDAF 2009

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Incheon Digital Art Festival, INDAF 2009
Incheon, Korea, 8/7 - 10/25, 2009

Exhibition Opening: 8/7, 2009
Exhibition Space: Incheon Digital Art Festival Pavilion at “Incheon Global Fair & Festival”
Chief Director: Unzi Kim
Curators: Hye Kyung Shin, Christiane Paul, Gerfried Stocker

VISTAS / Vision of U-city
Inter-Face, Inter-Space, Inter-Time

The exhibition presents a vision of a new city where people communicate, cross borders, and traverse time zones in a digital environment. The show's three sub-themes – Inter-Face, Inter-Space, Inter-Time – reflect on the aesthetics of new media art. INDAF strives to explore the impact of contemporary information society through media art works.

Participating Artists: