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GRA 2009

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On July 1st 2009 Sander Veenhof (1973) is graduating from the Gerrit Rietveld art academy in Amsterdam. To color up that occasion and to attract attention to himself in an overly busy contemporary art world, Veenhof came up with a concept to serve both purposes in harmony. He started growing a 'graduation bouquet' in an interactively controlled greenhouse hosted in the hallway of his Amsterdam home.

A custom designed greenhouse control system converts all online publicity into plant growth by switching on the grow-lights above his 'publicity plant' whenever new a weblog-posting, Twitter message or Delicious bookmark refers to the project. Bouquet growth can be monitored live through a webcam shown at the project website, which lists and thanks the online community in turn.

The resulting bouquet of flowers will be brought to the graduation show, visualizing in a very natural way the success of this project by means of itself.