Call for sub/emissions for Ookie Canvases

  • Deadline:
    June 1, 2015, 7:40 p.m.

Have you always wanted to be part of an artwork but never knew how?

Are you a man who has never been a muse?

I am looking for anonymous submissions of CUM SHOTS that will be used as part of an artwork. Submissions will be accepted from any and all genders as long as it is fluid emitted as the result of an orgasm.

A few guidelines for successful submissions:

- Please cum on flesh (your own is there waiting!)
- Please make sure it's YOUR photo and everyone depicted in the photo has CONSENTED to it being used in this way
- Cell phone photos preferred
- Try to keep the jizz in focus
- Please don't include anything in the image you would not want seen (i.e. your face). Crop, blur, do what you have to do.
- By sending me an image, you grant me permission to use it in any way I choose and relinquish authorial rights
- RENAME THE FILE a name/handle (can be whatever you'd like) that you'd like to use for credit (photos with automatically generated names like April_1_454.jpg will not be credited)

Two ways to submit:

This extra basic form and anonymous form (no email or google account required) here:

OR by email at the address at I may use any part of any email you send me EXCEPT your email address and any name associated with that email address, which will be confident.

Thanks! xoxo.

*image is detail of work in progress