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"TransForm" Exhibition in Boston CyberArts Festival 2009

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DSL Cyber MoCA is pleased to announce: The museum of contemporary art in Second Life will be unveiled by the exhibition "TransForm," April 30 through July 20, 2009 (closing reception date and location will be announced in June). As part of the 10th Boston Cyberarts Festival, the exhibition will be on view in both physical space, Design Gallery at University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, MA, and the newly launched DSL Cyber MoCA located in the international artist community in Second Life. The exhibition is curated by DSL Cyber MoCA's founders and leading artists Lily & Honglei and virtual reality philosopher Philip Zhai, sponsored by DSL Collection of Chinese contemporary art, Visual Design Department of College of Visual and Performing Arts, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth.

Curatorial Statement

The exhibition focuses on the signification of "trans-" (transitional, transcending, translating, transforming, etc.) and "form" (traditional and emerging forms of art), examines the ever-changing meaning of aesthetics in the digital era over extensive areas: the social, cultural, or personal. It explores ways of using Online virtual world as the "agent" to transform traditional art forms, such as painting, sculpture, folk art, performance, into digital arts in Cyberspace, and therefore argues that virtual-world art, as a new language, is proceeding to continue the development and "transformation" of expressions that constitute the content of the history of art.

The exhibition also serves to introduce a culturally meaningful collection of contemporary Chinese art, DSL Collection, to the global artist communities connected by Second Life, meanwhile, introducing several artists and artist collectives actively contributing to the theory and practice of virtual world art and new media media art to Chinese audience.

Participating Artists & Projects:

Patrick Lichty, Gazira Babeli & Second Front:

Dream Umbrellas
7 Up

Cao Fei: RMB City (courtesy of DSL Collection)

John Craig Freeman: Imaging Beijing

Mark Millstein: Kite Forms

Lily & Honglei: The Butterfly Lovers

Constantin Severin: Text & Time

Philip Zhai: Digital Paintings; DSL Cyber MoCA theme music.

Exhibition Venue & Time

In Second Life: DSL Cyber MoCA. (Teleport with the link Link: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Uqbar/184/171/21/, or read Instruction). Group exhibition will be on view from April 30th to July 20th, 2009. Permanent display: DSL Collection of Chinese contemporary art.
In University of Massachusetts Dartmouth: Design Gallery, Group 6 Room 154, College of
Visual & Performing Arts (CVPA). April 24 - May 10. 2009. Gallery Hours: Monday - Saturday, 10AM - 6PM

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