Caterina Davino, Deprecable Facts. Poems and Performance 1971-1996 Lepisma Editions

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    Dec. 1, 2014, 11:50 a.m.
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    Rome, Italy, , IT

Caterina Davino, Deprecable Facts. Poems and Performance 1971-1996 Lepisma Edizioni, Rome 2014

Foreword by Dante Maffia
Afterword by Ivano Mugnaini

What is proudly deprecable here, finally? The dissipation, the scandal, the drifts, drugs, tormented Sapphic loves, madness, the writing itself, supreme vice? This book is a path in the youth cultures that have passed through three decades with their myths, experience, falls and resurrections: the psychedelic and visionary Seventies, the Movement of 1977, punk and post-punk, the Eighties, heroin, the mal de vivre in the metropolis, scenes and characters from that world, up to the changes and the experimentations of the Nineties.

"She is able to oscillate between classical allusions to the holy books and the works of great poets like Hölderlin, Baudelaire, Borges, Artaud and Celan, and then she comes to terms with the Beat Generation, with Ferlinghetti, Corso, with the philosophy of the existentialists. With immediate acceptances, repulses, with vast ignitions and immense fires, with echoes of jazz and pop music" (Dante Maffia)

"Of great interest, in addition to the value of this literary text, there is what might be called a sociological overview, the almost documentary value of snapshots, taken by Davino with her verses, of the transformation of our country, and the way men and women relate to the world, to dreams and needs, rules and transgressions, reality and something beyond." (Ivano Mugnaini)

In the picture: Caterina Davinio in 1980

Caterina Davino (Foggia 1957), one of the pioneers of digital poetry, she is the founder of Italian net-poetry. He has exhibited her art work in hundreds of international exhibitions, in many countries around the world, including seven editions of the Venice Biennale and collateral events, where she also worked as a curator, the Biennale of Sydney, the Liverpool Biennial (Independents), the Biennale de Lyon, the Athens Biennial, New Media Art Biennial of Merida, and many others.
Included in Italian and foreign publications on art, literature and avant-garde, she has received awards in Italy and abroad for her literary and artistic activities. Her poetry and essays have been translated into English.

She has published the novels: The Sofa on the Rails (2013), among the winners of the Oubliette Prize 2014, Color Color (1998), finalist in Feronia Prize. Essays: Techno-Poetry and Virtual Realities (2002), and, about net-poetry, Virtual Mercury House (2012). Poetry books: Serial Phenomenologies (2010), ranked third for the Carver Award and Special Mention in Nabokov Award; Waiting for the End of the World (2012), Astrolabio Prize for the Originality of the Text; The Book of Opium (2012), finalist in XXV Camaiore Award, in the XI City of St. Anastasia Award, and among the books selected by Gradiva Award (New York); Deprecable Facts, which won the Thirteen Award in 2014.

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