Part Time IT Specialist at Eyebeam

  • Deadline:
    Sept. 27, 2013, noon
  • Location:
    Eyebeam, 540 West 21st Street, New York, NY, New York, 10011, US

Part Time IT Specialist: EYEBEAM (New York NY)

The IT Specialist works in three core areas:

1) WWW
Oversees and maintains the functionality of Eyebeam's current Drupal based website, intranet, residency application and gear inventory systems, as well as manages Eyebeam's online calendars and alumni and press contact databases. The IT Specialist maintains the organization’s website, enhancing features for functionality together with an in-house development team including coders, program staff, and graphics artists. The IT Specialist will also work on coordinating a transition towards a new Eyebeam WWW site/architecture, from the existing site, design of which is due to begin in Fall 2013 with the design firm Project Projects and programmer/former Fellow Ramsey Nasser.

Takes care of the email system, mailing lists/groups and spam related matters. The position also looks after press and communication email lists and related troubleshooting, in collaboration with the Director of Technology and other key staff.

Takes care of connectivity in the building for staff, artists, events including streaming technologies, by maintaining Eyebeam’s networking gear, switches, routers and modems as well as servers and printers. This includes making sure the networks function, are correctly set up and properly maintained, in collaboration with the Director of Technology and other key staff.

IT Specialist collaborates with/reports to Eyebeam's Director of Technology and Research, maintaining all web/communications related software, as well as recommending acquisitions for repair/service, software and hardware.
Key tasks of the IT Specialist, along with Eyebeam's website, intranet and email systems, is to ensure that web/communications technology related requirements of all artists and technologists on site are met and that their projects can be properly realized from IT/Web perspective, giving them the support needed.
Implement/maintain IT/Web needs across the entire organization including education and R&D Lab environments, artist studios, administrative offices, and public presentation spaces, including printing and software matters based on need.
Handle practical aspects of enabling IT/Web connectivity for Audio and video streaming, video conferencing, and download (podcasting, etc.) based on need.
Being in touch with internet related vendors, ISPs related to Eyebeam's accounts, troubleshooting and maintenance, based on need.

Working with the Director of Technology & Research as needed in the following areas:
Supporting and maintaining artist and staff desktop/laptop systems and network infrastructure in the organization, in staff offices, labs, education labs, and workshops/hackathons, including wired and wireless connectivity, based on need;
Assessing and keeping up with new technologies, their feasibility, viability and implementation; recommending purchases to Director of Technology & Research.
Participating in weekly, monthly and annual planning and contribute to operational plans for the organization;
Working with organizational and program committees based on need;
Other duties as required.

Background and experience in a field related to the position (e.g. IT, Web Development, Computer Science, New Media, Art and Technology, Broadcast Technology), equivalent education helpful;
Practical experience and solid skills in management of websites, email, network hardware infrastructure;
Knowledge of a spectrum of existing web scripting, database and coding technologies: PHP, Drupal, MySQL, XML, Ruby on Rails, Modern Javascript, Python, as well as experience with social media platforms, contemporary email and web protocols are preferred. Versatile skills and knowledge of Mac, Windows, Unix/Linux programs, and web admin/terminal skills. Eyebeam's current website is using Drupal, but the next version will shift to new technologies.
Implementation of technology relevant to maintaining security and privacy, VPNs, as well as emergent related matters in context of IP.
Deep interest towards all aspects of web, social media, computing, IT, art, design and technology fields, related innovation, as well as understanding of impact of these technologies is helpful;
Intellectual and practical curiosity and interest in new technologies, willingness to learn, figure out how to figure out, ability to troubleshoot calmly in public situations without stressing;
Multi-tasking skills, being well organized;
Positive and patient attitude while working with staff, artists and wider audience;
While not a necessity, curiosity/knowledge of research done within leading professional organizations such as ACM, IEEE, SIGGRAPH etc is helpful;
Ability to work flexible hours, including occasional evenings and weekends based on need;

The position is currently Part Time, between 20-30 hours a week based on need.
Salary: Commensurate with experience

Please send a resume, cover letter and two professional references with the subject heading "Part Time IT Specialist" to:, fax to 212.937.6582 or mail to:

Attn: Marko Tandefelt
540 W. 21st Street
New York, NY 10011
No phone calls, please. The application period closes on September 27, 2013, or until filled.


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