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UNDO/REDO: NAISA 2013 Call for Submissions

  • Deadline:
    Nov. 15, 2013, 11:59 p.m.
  • Location:
    New Adventures in Sound Art, 601 Christie Street #252, Toronto, ON, L6V1Y7, CA

New Adventures in Sound Art (NAISA) invites artists of all ages and nationalities to submit works on the theme UNDO / REDO for consideration in New Adventures in Sound Art's 2014 programming in Toronto, Canada.

Errors in judgement, actions you'd rather not have made; or conversely that perfect moment you'd like to relive, or a future you'd like built from the foundation of past successes. What if you could apply a simple editing function to your life? What if with the magic of digital technology you are enabled to undo or redo an action or group of actions? What would that sound like?

Preference in programming will be given to works that respond in some way to the theme UNDO / REDO: revisiting the past and/or changing the future. Individual interpretations or variations on the theme are encouraged, but should be realized with sound as the primary component.

Programming contexts include the long established festivals Deep Wireless and Sound Travels along with NAISA’s other annual events. Visit NAISA.CA to explore NAISA's programming activity.

Note: Please see the link below for more information and the online application form. There is a $5 submission fee in order to defray the cost of processing the submissions. All works programmed by NAISA will receive an artist fee with the exception of works broadcast on NAISA Radio.
Artists may submit more than one work for consideration in any of the following categories:
Transmission Art / Radio Art
Sound Art / Electroacoustic Music
Interactive Installation Art
Locative Media