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YANS & RETO festival

  • Deadline:
    Sept. 10, 2013, midnight
  • Location:
    Anthology Film Archives-New York , 32 2nd Avenue , New York, New York, 10003, US

YANS & RETO is AN ACTION FEST, one-night festival of action art by artists (mainly, but not limited to) over sixty and under thirty. The artists present themselves through short pieces creating energetic, inter-generational encounters. YANS & RETO is an assembly of people engaged in contemporary culture who, regardless of their disciplines, have in common a taste for radicalism and experimental creation.

Nothing is more brutal than money. The 2013, fourth YANS & RETO festival is dedicated to $$$. We’re looking for “7 minutes or less” performances, short films, videos, proclamations, comedy, songs, etc…, that deal in extreme ways with money. Stand up and bite the hand of your owner!.

Anthology Film Archives-New York 32 2nd Avenue (F / M train to 2nd Avenue.)
Sunday, October 6 2013 at 7.30 pm
+ For information or to Register go to http://fundacionmosis.com/English/yans.htm Entries must be in before September 10th.

Youth is defined by stupidity and age by wisdom. If one characterizes stupidity by lack of self-control rather than by a lack of knowledge or ability, one finds that one doesn't grow intelligent but simply grows older. At the same time, being progressive is not related to being young but to being responsible. Although nobody would like to be perceived as stupid, being stupid releases one from being thoughtful and correcting mistakes.

YANS & RETO is conceived by Jana Leo, co-organized and co-produced by Fundación MOSIS and SpainCulture New York-Consulate General of Spain with the support of the Anthology Film Archives and AC/E, Acción Cultural Española.