Tele Visions - End of Analog TV - Call for Screen Works for TV Broadcast

  • Deadline:
    Aug. 29, 2013, midnight
  • Location:

Turn it on. Leave it on. Until the end.

Tele Visions is seeking submissions for screen based works that will be considered for broadcast and presentation in the Tele Visions program. We are interested in new and existing works that engage with TV as a medium, the end of TV, TV’s history, TV’s content forms, TV’s impact upon society, and associated technologies such as CRT displays, video tape and video synthesis.

Submissions close at midnight AEST on the 29th of August. International submissions are welcome.

For more information and to submit your single channel screen work head to:


Tele Visions is a series of events and broadcasts demarcating and exploiting the shutdown of analog TV in Australia through the presentation of artworks that create new intersections between televisual culture and contemporary art. Tele Visions is timed to coincide with the final shutdown of analog television in Australia in November / December 2013.

We view this moment in Australia’s history as extremely important; noting that it represents the end of 57 continuous years of the most pervasive and dominating mass media platform to date. Tele Visions seeks to engage artists, communities and the public in pulling apart the cultural and technological phenomenon of TV in its dying moments.

Tele Visions will occupy the televisual space itself presenting art practices concurrently in front of studio audiences and as a short range analog TV broadcast and web stream creating for the first time, a creative platform weaving the practice and investigations of some of Australia’s most exciting contemporary artists with the mechanisms and language of television.

Tele Visions will be presented by Performance Space as part of their 30 years celebrations 'You're History' at Carriageworks.


Tele Visions is seeking submissions in the following categories:

Long Form Stand Alone
Works of a duration of longer than 10 minutes and up to 2hrs. Selected works will be presented in the Tele Visions broadcast, possibly will be presented at a screening event and may be presented on community digital TV on TVS, Sydney.

Medium Length for Curation into Screening Reels
Works between 2 mins and 10 mins that are suitable to be curated into themed reels that will be screened in a group. Selected works will be presented in the Tele Visions broadcast, possibly will be presented at a screening event and may be presented on community digital TVS, Sydney. Possible themes for reels include STATIC, SIGNAL, TRANSMISSION, TEST PATTERN, UP ALL NIGHT.

Short Form TV Commercial
Very short works of 30 seconds long that may or may not mimic the TV commercial form. This could be an ‘advert’ for yourself or your art practice, an ‘advert’ for your ARI or an advert for your arts organisation. Alternatively works in this category can just be very short screen works, abstract or otherwise.

If you have an idea like a short series or something that we just can’t imagine we still want to hear from you!