• Deadline:
    Aug. 16, 2013, 2:30 p.m.
  • Location:
    AUT University, Auckland, NZ

MINA invites proposals for papers and presentations relating, but not limited to mobile communities, mobile social media and social change, mobile art, mobile locative media, citizen journalism, mobile visual literacy, mobile video production, mobile-mentaries (mobile documentaries), mobile network, mobile media in education and mobile technologies and civic media.

This year the circulation of smartphones outnumbered the volume of mobile phones. Most mobile devices (including tablets and pocket size digital cameras) have a HD video capacity and provide Internet connectivity. Since the proliferation of apps five years ago, new opportunities for creative mobile media production emerged. Mobile filmmaking is now an established format ranging from music video to TV commercial production. A number of contemporary apps feature location-based services that can create new experiences and representations of places. Mobile filmmaking also provides prospects for citizen journalist to expand the domain of videography. Contemporary forms of collaborative filmmaking projects connect 21st century citizens and filmmakers across the globe creating new forms of digital, networked and transmedia storytelling. As an egalitarian filmmaking tool and technology, mobile filmmaking provides access to a new generation of filmmakers. In alignment with the ubiquity of social media, mobile communication is shifting towards an increasingly visual realm. Live streaming and micro formats of mobile filmmaking can be compared to early cinema and actuality film, while mobile short films resonate approaches and practices known from the field of experimental documentary and avant-garde moving-image practices. 

The 3nd International Mobile Creativity and Mobile Innovation Symposium will explore the following mobile developments and dynamics in a transdisciplinary context.

MINA welcomes presentations in a variety of formats including academic papers, workshops, poster presentations, performances, project showcases and screenings. The 3nd International Mobile Creativity and Mobile Innovation Symposium will also provide the opportunity to present papers via live video and live web-broadcasts. For each submission, please send:

 - a proposal / abstract of approximately 400 words, including the title 
 - a brief biograpy (100 words maximum) 
Abstracts for papers and proposals of up to 500 words should be submitted by the 16th of August 2013. Please include a title and brief biographical note and send to laurent@mina.pro

All proposals will be double peer reviewed and presenters will be notified of acceptances by 16th of September 2013.

All selected papers will be published in the Creative Technologies Journal – Special Mobile Edition.
If you have any questions related to conference proposals please contact Laurent Antonczak [ laurent@mina.pro | +64 211 625 072 ]. For further information, please check also: www.mina.pro