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tabootheater 2.0

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We would like to invite you to join us online today - or at the theater if you're in Zürich - to watch and join our sampling sessions of blog entries, developed projects during the week-long theater lab which are inspired by the blog, and the discussions and performances that will be staged via skype and re-enacted in theater space.

You can participate in the dramaturgy by typing into the shoutbox - as it will be spoken aloud into the theater space, by adding entries and tagging them - as they will change the display of the tag cloud on stage, and by commenting or adding posts into the blog - as it will trigger additional improvised performances, discussions and other projects.

Watch the stream to follow the seven hour event and participate in its flow!

What: Tabootheater 2.0
Where: Theater am Neumarkt/Chorgasse/Zürich/Switzerland and online at http://www.theateramneumarkt.ch/tabublog (Click on Live Stream)
When: 17:00 GMT+1/ 9:00 AM EST - 22:00 GMT+1/ 4 PM EST

Hope to hear from you / see you!
Ursula Endlicher, Ela Kagel and Anke Zimmermann