Call for entries: Collective Trauma Film Collections

  • Deadline:
    July 1, 2013, 11:59 p.m.
  • Location:
    Cologne, DE

Call for entries
deadline: 1 July 2013

CTF - Collective Trauma Film Collections
is calling for film & video works

CTF - Collective Trauma Film Collections - - is a worldwide unique initiative by Agricola de Cologne (director of Cologne International Videoart Festival and Cologne Art & Moving Images Awards addressed to young generations of artists and filmmakers to deal with the topic of collective trauma caused by totalitarism by using new technologies and contemporary approaches in art in order to keep vivid the memory for future generations via art.

Based on two previously initiated collections, i.e. "Cambodia 1975-1979" & "SFC - Shoah Film Collections", CTF - Collective Trauma Film Collections was initiated to form the dynamic framework and living database for individual film collections dealing with specific forms of collective trauma as they can perceived in different parts on the globe under most different political, economical, social, religious and cultural conditions. There is hardly any country left on our globe where people do not suffer from the excesses of the dark side of human existence.

For presenting "CTF - Collective Trauma Film Collections", in 2012 a special event context has been created, i.e "A Virtual Memorial - Commemorative Interventions", which places the divers collections of films and videos in the context of complementary interventions like lectures, a symposion, exhibitions, artists talks, discussions and much more, in order to activate the audience, as well as the artists and filmmakers. The first three events took place in 2012 in Latvia, Cambodia and Poland, and the next events are planned in 2013 in Lithuania, Belgium and Latin America.

As an initiative, CTF would like to give the message to the world that the cause for the collective trauma, the discriminations, violence, persecutions, torture and exterminations caused by totalitarism must no happen again or continue in case of contemporary totalitarism, this is good for the genocides, the state terrorism and other crimes against humanity, like Holocaust, the Stalinism, the Cambodian genocide 1975-1879, the state terrorism of the Argentine or Chilean military dictatorships of 20th century, the Italian Fascism or any other of the countless causes for collective trauma happening in the Past or even nowadays before our very eyes in our neighbor's garden or transmitted daily via the media like press, TV and Internet. Individual trauma remains very often the basic living condition for a whole human life, as well as the collective trauma may form the psychological condition of a community or a nation for many centuries, if people do not try to overcome the trauma actively.

From the early beginning of human civilization, art was that type of medium which was transporting the individual and collective memory of Past and Present to the Future, so there is no better way for keeping vivid the memory of the collective trauma by sensitizing people via art, and no other artistic expression is more predestined to represent processes than "moving images".

CTF - Collective Trauma Film Collections
is looking for a variety of artistic forms using the medium of video, i.e. experimental films, videoart and documentaries
The official release of the call on 1 January 2013 and the deadline of 1 July 2013 offers additionally sufficient time for creating new artworks to be submitted.

The full entry details, regulations and entry form can be downloaded in different languages

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