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MediaCity 4: MediaCities - Call for Urban Works

  • Deadline:
    Dec. 17, 2012, 11:59 p.m.
  • Location:
    Buffalo, New York, US

MediaCity 4: MediaCities - Call for Urban Works
DEADLINE: December 17, 2012

International Conference, Workshops and Exhibition
University at Buffalo, The State University of New York
May 3-5, 2013

MediaCities is pleased to announce an open call for projects in and around the city of Buffalo, New York, in conjunction with the MediaCities conference.

Following this year’s theme, the event will instigate a number of new urban works of media-architecture. These may take various formats and physical configurations: a constructed intervention, an event, a deployable device or a combination thereof.

Proposed projects address specific themes around pluralities and globalities, particularly as they appear in some of the possible topics that have already been identified in the call for papers:
• the contexts of non-Western cities and post-industrial societies (Other Urbans);
• protest, public space, and contested shared urban events (Uncommons);
• new life in dead and dying urban milieux (Zero Growth Cities);
• cross-scale urban landscapes (Media Geographies) and,
• trans-national urban cities (Bordervilles).

More information on these topics is available here: http://mediacities.net

We are interested in exploring a multitude of media cities, beyond recognized and robust bodies of work that privilege familiar uses of media (such as urban screens) and cities (such as major European and American centers of industry, finance and culture).

We anticipate commissioning 3 projects with budgets up to 5000 USD.

To apply, send the following information as a single PDF to with the subject line “PROPOSAL: MediaCities Urban Works” before December 17, 2012:

+ Project Title

+ One-Sentence Summary (50 words)

+ Description (500 words)
Briefly describe the project concept and its relation to MediaCities in both thematic and practical terms. What issues does the project address? What specific sites or site conditions will your project occupy or affect? Who is your intended audience? How will they experience your project? What is its duration or performance period? If this is a built work, is it to be permanent or temporary? What special permits do you anticipate you will require, if any?

+ Technical Specifications (250 words)
Clearly outline the technologies involved and the technical resources required to realize the project.

+ Budget (500 words)
List all expenses for the project, including any costs for equipment rental, materials and supplies, fabrication, shipping, as well as an artist fee.

+ Timeline (250 words)
Provide a timeline for project production, installation, and deinstallation. Describe any requirements for planning, fabrication or installation that will need permitting, staging or site research prior to the conference, or deinstallation afterwards.

+ CV (2 pages)
Provide a 2-page summary of your most recent exhibitions, publications, education and other accomplishments.

+ Supporting Materials and Work Samples
1) Provide a URL to Supporting Materials (video, images, sound files, drawings, diagrams, etc) that further describe your proposed project.
2) Provide URLs for Work Samples from previous projects that relate to the proposed project.

Send all questions to cfp-urbanworks [at] mediacities [dot] net