Call for Midwest Game-Makers: games++

  • Deadline:
    Nov. 4, 2011, 9 a.m.
  • Location:
    Drift Station, 1746 "N" Street, Lincoln, Nebraska, 68508, US

[p]Organized by Alex Myers and Jeff Thompson  
Friday, November 4, 2011  |  9am-9pm (make games)  |  9-11pm (play games!)
Drift Station Gallery  |  1746 "N" Street (at 18th)  |  Lincoln, Nebraska, USA
[p]Do you make video games? Board games? Other games of a less well-defined category?[/p]
[p]games++ is a 12-hour game development event where participants build games from scratch in a defined time period. Designed as a collaborative, communal making experience, games++ lives up to the heritage of its name: to incrementally add to the pool of amazing, experimental, one-off games in the world.[/p]
[p]This event is a low-key, hard-working environment designed to get you making in an intense way - something that can be hard to do when sitting at home. Collaboration and conversation is encouraged and there will be mini-sessions throughout the day to encourage discussion, beta-testing, and general good-times.[/p]
[p]games++ is open to video game makers, artists, programmers, psychogeographers, designers, and anyone else interested in spending a day making something from scratch.  Don't make games? Come at 7pm to watch artists and programmers put down the finishing touches, then at 9pm you'll be able to play the newly-minted games.[/p]
+  No planning or advanced work allowed! While you can do research and general brainstorming, participants are required to start games from scratch, including ideation and outlining
+  Participants are required to bring all necessary hardware and software for building and playing your game; those wishing to build analog games should bring any tools and materials needed
+  Games must be ready to play (in beta form, of course) by 9pm
+  Have fun and talk a lot![/p]
games++ is entirely FREE and includes:
+  High-speed wireless internet connection
+  Coffee and donuts
+  Free drinks at the opening reception (for those of age)
+  Laser-cut games++ badge
+  A chance to collaborate and get feedback on your work[/p]
[p]Please note, running this event costs approximately $30 per person. If you can, donating to this event would be appreciated![/p]
Those from outside the Lincoln/Omaha area are encouraged to participate. Lincoln is just a few hours from Kansas City and a day's drive from Chicago, Denver, and Minneapolis - make a weekend of it! If you have questions about travel arrangements, please feel free to contact us.[/p]
[p]Drift Station Gallery is located in downtown Lincoln, Nebraska near lots of great food/drink options.[/p]