OPEN CALL: HomeBase BUILD II, Artists-in-Residence Berlin

  • Deadline:
    Nov. 1, 2011, midnight
  • Location:
    HomeBase BUILD II, Thulestrasse 54, Berlin, DE

HomeBase BUILD II Artists-in-Residence (Berlin)
November 25th to March 10th 2012
Twelve professional artists, social entrepreneurs, architects and other creative thinkers will be working during four months at the HomeBase LAB on individual art projects in their live-in studios. They will be engaged in a creative communal living, educational and cultural program while having a ‘hands on’ collaboration in building different aspects of the HomeBase LAB. The objective is to turn it into an innovative artist-run cultural center, dedicated to the exploration of Home as the foundation of Humanity and experimenting in meaningful urban living.  
Through the HomeBase BUILD II Artists-in-Residence,
the artists will:
- Contribute to the building of a unique non-for-profit art center with a far reaching cultural and social vision in collaboration with other artists and the HomeBase team members.
- Participate in an educational program that focuses on questions of identity, Home as the foundation of humanity, meaningful urban living and the role of contemporary art in society.
- Spend time in Berlin in a communal art setting with live-in studios and various facilities.
- Gain professional exposure in the Berlin and the international art world through visits by Berlin-based curators and via the HomeBase network / emailing list.  
- Help build a unique grass roots
art institution.

* Two of the HB BUILD II artists will be selected to participate in HB Jerusalem taking place in Summer 2012 and will create a link between Jerusalem, NYC and the HB LAB Berlin.
What will I BUILD Over the course of four months you will work on
your own practice. In collaboration with the HB team, each HB artists in residence completes a BUILD project which is the constructing of key organizational components of the HomeBase LAB.
HB BUILD projects are divided into 4 main areas of focus:
1. Community / Urban Setting
Establishing a network in the local community: documenting the community, researching what community is all about while fostering new relationships with our surroundings.
2. Curatorial / Educational
The HomeBase study and research center: developing curriculum and materials on the topic of Home, developing a set of HomeBase
aesthetic and conscious values, developing the newsletter which focuses on the role of contemporary art in society.
3. Organization related Social media, grant writing, funding, financial
strategy and promotion.
4. Environment HomeBase sustainable, which includes working in our
organic garden, working at our own build Green House and processing our KunstKompost/ overall developing ecological and sustainable systems.

Each artist will devote a minimum of 3 weekly hours to building aspects paired with the team members to work in her or his field,
ending with a presentation of their contribution. 
More details about HomeBase BUILD II Artists-in-Residence
In the program of HomeBase BUILD II each artist participates as: a learner, a creator and a teacher. The HomeBase BUILD group generates content and self-directs.  
The organic process of exploration will unfold within the following given structural form: 
Individual work
- Individual art work:
the majority of the time, besides the two scheduled weekly group meetings (LAB Learn, Salon), will be dedicated to progressive art practice in the individual studios – ongoing -
- BUILD project: individual work for the community to build the art center HB LAB – 3 hours a week -
Weekly group meetings
- LAB Learn: co-learning, facilitated by the HomeBase team, group and guest speakers – 3 hours a week -
- HB Salon: a cultural platform which will include cultural conversations, performances, movie screenings, readings and more - followed by a group dinner – 3 hours a week -
- HB Public Salon: which serve as further opportunity for exposure, scheduled at the17th of December, 2011 (VIP Salon with launch of second edition of Ignatz Beer) & 4th of February, 2012 (performances and pre-Open House event).
- End exhibition & Open House event on the 3th and 4th of March,
2012. The Open House event is a public viewing and presentation of the individual projects. The HB newsletter/publication, with original essays and art works by the program participants is also released on this day.
*Several guest speakers and artists will be invited to contribute to the process of HB BUILD, enriching the conversation, providing both a local and global cultural perception.  
**HB BUILD artists will be promoted and exposed through the HomeBase network, an existing network of thousands of international art lovers. 
HomeBase BUILD Schedule
Duration: November 25th 2011 - March 10th 2012
The fee of 1500 Euro, includes the following:
- a live-in studio with access to the shared living room, kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, garden, office
- educational program all the program details described above
- special edition of the HomeBase newsletter/publication
- exposure and promotion via HomeBase website and network
Food, art materials and other personal expenses are not included. Visa and insurance is not arranged by HomeBase.
How to Apply?
Please fill out this form below, and send it to us via email – - along with 10 images of your recent work, an artist statement, and a CV picture.
Deadline for application: November 1st, 2011.
Date for Notification: November 7th, 2011.