Call for Sound Art: "Chopped and Stretched"

  • Deadline:
    Aug. 19, 2011, 5 a.m.
  • Location:
    Drift Station Gallery, Lincoln, Nebraska, US

While the duration of most human-generated sounds are determined by the information they communicate, musicians and sound artists working at the margins of time have created fascinating works built with sounds of extreme brief- or long-ness, from Iannis Xenakis and Curtis Roads’ micro sounds and punk rock’s energetic brevity to John Cage, Indian ragas, and Justin Bieber’s "U Smile" played at 800%.

"Chopped and Stretched" is a sound art exhibition examining the extremes of duration.  We are looking for sounds that challenge our ideas of scale and time using innovative techniques and technologies to mince, mangle or stretch sounds, resulting in works that are beautiful, alarming, startling, or horrifying.

Accepted works will be played in the gallery on headphones via MP3 players; artists whose work requires a computer or other mechanism for playback are encouraged to contact the gallery before submitting work.  Sound artists, experimental and traditional musicians, and field recordists are encouraged to apply, as are scientists or engineers working with audio.

In addition to the gallery exhibition, Drift Station will release a limited edition compilation CD with all included works (or excerpts in the case of longer pieces).  Participating artists will receive three copies of the CD, including handmade packaging and essays about the exhibition.

Please send the following to

+ Your name
+ Location
+ Website of other works (if available)
+ URL to play sound file online
+ A short paragraph explaining how your work relates to the concept of the exhibition

Please note we cannot accept sound files attached to emails or direct download links (such as YouSendIt).  We encourage artists without websites to use SoundCloud, a free online service for hosting streaming audio.


Started by Angeles Cossio and Jeff Thompson in the summer of 2010, Drift Station acts as a non-traditional curatorial platform for innovative exhibitions, art, music, and performance based in Lincoln, Nebraska, USA.