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Competition URBAN STRATEGIES AWARD 2011 / University of Applied Arts Vienna

  • Deadline:
    Sept. 5, 2011, midnight
  • Location:
    Vienna, AT

[size= medium]URBAN STRATEGIES AWARD 2011[/size]
[size= medium]Study Grant: 3 Semesters MSc Urban Strategies[/size]
The Urban Strategies postgraduate program builds a worldwide competence center that addresses the city as the central field of action for today’s production of architecture. This award has been established to encourage young architects and related professionals to push the envelope of their discipline, by widening their repertoire and competence towards the urban realm. We ask for conceptual design and research statements that envision an urban strategy for the city of your origin or the city you live in. Can you be radical and contextual at the same time? At what scale do you consider architectural thought as meaningful for the particular urban situation.
[size= medium]what CITY? what STRATEGY? what SCALE?[/size]
Ideas for new urban positions within the architectural disciplines
A single grant is awarded for free participation at the Urban Strategies Postgraduate Program.
Duration: 16 months full time / Regular course fee: 15.000 Euro / Title MSc Urban Strategies /
The grant does not guarantee the successful completion of the course.
Group submissions are welcome; however, the grant will be divided by the amount of group members.
[size= medium]Schedule[/size]
Competition launch: July 18
Submission deadline: September 5
International Jury meeting: Mid September
Announcement of winner: End of September
[size= medium]Submissions[/size]
Online submission in English to urban.strategies@uni-ak.ac.at
# 1x A1.pdf [landscape; max 20MB] visualizing the urban strategy + title and headline, incl. name of applicant in the upper right corner
# 1x A4.doc / max 700 words motivation / explanation of strategy
# scanned copy of diploma and certified translation [English]
# scanned copy of passport
# CV (max 2 A4 pages) / academic background, earlier and recent professional experiences incl. indication of the basis of English language skills
[size= medium]Assessment Criteria[/size]
The winner will be defined by a process of selection in 3 rounds.
1st: Originality and innovation of approach / selection of max 20 projects / judgment based on A1.pdfs
2nd: Degree of innovation and ability of expression selection of 3 projects / judgment based on A1.pdf and explanation of strategy, motivation
3rd: Comprehensiveness of vision, motivation and personal background / definition of order and selection of winner / judgment based on A1.pdf, explanation of strategy, motivation and CV
[size= medium]Eligible Persons[/size]
Eligible persons are students that hold a bachelors or masters degree in architecture and related disciplines [age max 30 years], excluding staff and current students of the University of Applied Arts Vienna, as well as any person involved in the competition organization.
[size= medium]Formal Failure[/size]
All entries that do not fulfill the formal criteria of the competition will be excluded from any further procedure: non eligibility, late entries, and incompleteness of submitted documents.
[size= medium]Enrolment & Replacement[/size]
The winner of the competition agrees to confirm acceptance within three weeks, and will enroll in the University of Applied Arts Vienna latest 6 months after announcement of winning. Otherwise the grant will be given to the next replacement. Unexpected cases of incapability of timely enrolment [visa procedures, affliction] are to be addressed at first instance to the administrator of the program and will be weighted according to the particular circumstances.
[size= medium]Rights of Publication[/size]
Owner- and authorship of the submitted work remains by the applicants. Urban Strategies reserves the legal possibility to publish the results in any media when indicating the author. Submitted entries may be published by the author only when mentioning Urban Strategies Award 2011 as the legal framework of the work. Authors of selected works for publication agree in submitting particular parts of their projects in higher image resolution for print publication on request by Urban Strategies.