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Moving Forest

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For those of you who would come to berlin for Transmediale08

As part of the 12 hour Moving Forest performance (11:00 -23:00) at Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Moving Forest of the People Front calls for an act of insurgency with Berliners for the final FOREST march toward CASTLE takeover Transmediale08.

On February 1 at 19:00
CALL for DS Revolt:go northwest 20 Allied Clearing House [Bundestag]
CALL for Radio Gun Revolt: Symphony of noise [Siegessäule]
CALL for AIR: GAMEoverTAKEoverOVER [JVA Berlin Moabit]
CALL for transmission: autonomous transmitting units [JVA Berlin Moabit]
For those of you who have a few streams of rumblings, disruption, upheaval, turbulence, turmoil and convulsion or simply uplifting, please join backyard radio's CALL for netstreams: Conspire and take remote control

BACKYARD RADIO in association with AKA THE CASLE invites all net streamcasters to join the multi-channel sonic uproar by sending in net streams.
The moving forest - its standing, its moving is floating towards the center of empty wireless power. Conspire with your radio station, sound studio, toy shop, sample archive, live improvisation, mouth poetry, boombox collection. You´ll be streamed, televised, wiretapped, remixed, multiplexed, oversampled, frequency modulated and broadcasted.
Each network sound stream gets on air for 20 minutes slot and mixed into the ensemble stream and microradio broadcast.
SIGN UP for your time slot at http://www.movingforest.net/
write to info@backyardradio.de

Moving Forest presented by AKA the castle
CONSPIRE, Transmediale08
House of World Cultures, Berlin
February 1, 2008
'Moving Forest' is a 12-hour 5 act sonic performance operating with public wifi and mobile technology - an expandable citywide operatic manoeuvre/intervention. Derived from Kurosawa's film version of Macbeth, Spider Web Castle, 'Moving Forest' renders the film's final sequences
(12 minutes in length) into a 12-hour 'sonica' of grand scale. 'Moving
Forest' reinvents a modern edition of a Castle Central (here: the House
of World Cultures) and a city in revolt. Inside the castle, the downfall
of the assumed power; outside in the city, the mobilised urbanites march
with generated sounds of insurgence towards the imaginary Centre.
'Moving Forest' collaborates with sound artists to compose acts and
scores, at the same time, drafts a PD (pure data) conspiracy scheme,
performing live with citywide performance transmitted by wifi.

[AKA the castle] is a temporal performance troop bringing together visual artists, writers, soundists, silk threaders, codedecoders, macromikro, boombox mass, mobile agents, wifi fielders and urbanites to realize the 12 hour Moving Forest.