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This project was realised together with Tadej Komavec, engineer of electronics, who produced those very sophisticated aparatus.

X-lam is a different media for watching images. While other media rapes us with images, looks X-lam as a discrete, light line. It shows us images only if we want (and know) them. It is a quiet rebellion against the satiation with images.

From the Renaissance on painters tried to produce an ilusion of three-dimensional space on a two-dimensional canvas. On the contrary, X-lam reduces two-dimensional image to one dimension. The second spatial dimension is replaced by the time, know as the fourth dimension of the timespace.

X-lam is an art object, a sophisticated home-made apparatus. It's a special designed computer with it's own operating system, 200 pixels high and 1 pixel wide screen, with memory for 80 images and RS232 serial connection to terminal, which load images and control projections.