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"Whenever I see a plane, I remember the smell..."

"Whenever I see a plane I remember the smell..."

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Combined live webcams from New York and Boston, GENCO GULAN, 2002.

After 9/ 11 suddenly all the planes that I see on the sky started to remind me of the crash. And the crash reminds me the organic smell that invaded Manhattan and than my painfull throat. After I left the city, planes not only started to remind me of 9/11, but also New York.

"Whenever I see a plane I remember the smell..." is a net-art piece dedicated to all victims of 9/ 11. The project is composed by combining two seperate groups of live web cams from New York City and Boston airport. The cams form New York City were from Times Square live, located on the left and cams from Boston were showing Logan Airport, located on the right. (The live cams are originally from and Boston's Logan Airport is important as the two flights that had struck the World Trade Center on 9/11 were from Logan airport and Times Square was choosen as the symbol of NYC.

Multiple live cams, when combined together, makes a single different dynamic image. Cams together creates a different visual perception and a different watching experience. When you watch a movie you always expect something striking to happen immediately. Live cams are different, in this regards, normally one uses them to Watch (or control) and not necessaryly to see. Still when you put together more than one live cam , the human brain automatically starts to correlates the images with each other. In case of "Whenever I see a plane..." project, the planes started to remind us NYC and the NYC starts to remind us the planes.