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We are creature of places. Our stories and memories shape the space that surround us and have a special appeal that comes from the fact that they are directly connected with reality. Real stories provide us with examples and inspiration for our lives. The act of recollection itself linking memories together in organic web formations, recalls the nature of hyperlinked structures.

WeirdView is a digital narrative inspired by oral storytelling traditions and postmodern concepts of nonlinearity and interaction. It uses multi-branching hyperlinked structures to re-present a body of true stories collected from a community of people living in the same geographical area and connected by a tight social network. The viewer is presented with the fact that a community exists and is continually formed, around place, time, life conditions and social networks. When shown to the community, WeirdView appeared to stimulate the recollection of more anecdotes and foster a sense of awareness and belonging among community members themselves. Weirdview is a joint collaboration with Jo Briggs.

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