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The weeklyecho provided weekly mosaics of purposefully arranged images with the goal of pointing out conceptually and visually interesting, thought provoking or revealing aspects of our culture. The mosaics are called Echo's and the images that comprise the Echo's are representative of the hottest news stories and web searches of web surfers that week. I created the site because I felt an intriguing aesthetic in how people use and interact with the web. It reveals a fascinating view of our culture. Independently, there seems to be absolutely nothing in common with the things people are searching for and viewing on the web, yet they are intimately connected in a way that defines the fabric of our culture.

I submitted the artwork a couple months ago and was told I would receive a response, but I never did. I sent an email to and it does not go through, hence I am writing to you via this channel.

Please review, it is a unique integration of art, news and commentary bundled seamlessly into a natural interface.

Below are some comments I have received regarding the Weekly Echo's significance in the art/media world.

Thanks, Ari Alexenberg

'A very impressive site!