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Web Stalker

"The Web Stalker" was released as the fourth and final issue of I/O/D, an electronic publication distributed via high-density floppy disk. It was inspired by the idea that one could experience the flow of data on the internet in alternative ways than those offered by the popular commercial browsers of the time, Netscape Navigator and Internet Explorer. [1] Rather than displaying formatted pages, which could be seen as a metaphor for print, "The Web Stalker" displays the underlying code and the connections among pages.

"The Web Stalker" was an early example of an "artistic browser," a genre which would later include such examples as JODI's "Wrong Browser" series (2000-) and Jonas Lund's "We See In Every Direction" (2013). 

The software is dated November 27, 1997 and the associated README file is dated 5 December 1997. 

[1] Matthew Fuller, "A means of mutation: Notes on 'I/O/D 4: "The Web Stalker,"'", online. Accessed 30 August 2013.