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Wallright - live public painting community platform

The Wallright project was spawned from the idea that every one of us is an artist.

Conceptually speaking, one of the main points to consider is the fact that, traditionally, art is associated with small elites. With this project, so long that we manage to integrate in it an artistic side, we intend to bring the masses closer to a less than common means of expression for most. Yet another point to focus on is the possible association to a typical conception of art of the XX century: art as intervention. The most obvious indication of this is the use of a wall as canvas. Bearing in mind that it is not unusual to find walls with "rebellious" manifestations on them, on this project, even though the canvas is the same, a much more ecological ink is used: light.

Being a distributed application, accessible through the Internet, the physical barriers of artistic intervention are eliminated, for there is no need to have the "artist" present at the physical location where the canvas is being projected upon while creation is occurring.

The use of a temperature sensor (which gives direct feedback to the application) and a sonar as conditioners of expression and visualization of the interventions is sure to give dynamic character to the project. Since there is no possibility to alter the physical conditions of the place where the artists are located, the physical conditions of the canvas location are reflected on the virtual palette.

Lastly, we were thrilled by the idea of having multiple "artists" sharing the same canvas at the same time. This canvas on most cases will be the only way for them to contact one another.