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The characteristics of NET.FILM:

1. The term NET.FILM is used to describe a certain types of web pages that calls upon the perception of film using the WWW browsers.

2. NET.FILM incorporates the multimedia nature of the Internet.

3. The Internet platform gives NET.FILM the ability to change content and structure at any time.

4. NET.FILM is assembled for the viewer in the very moment of the activation of its link.

5. The different files that make up the structure of the NET.FILM can change at any time. The film always stays in separate components. NET.FILM is therefore never fixed. It can change from one second to another.

7. NET.FILM can be modified only by the authors that have access to the servers were the components reside. Thus, the authors of the movie are always known.

8. The NET.FILM makers always have the possibility to change or add content.

9. NET.FILM is programmed to refresh itself and to call its components without interaction by the viewer.

10. The browser is used as a "projector" for the NET.FILM.

11. The collaborative aspect of NET.FILM is essential and will be present in the viewers mind when he/she knows that the film being watched could change its appearance at any time.

12. NET.FILM is different from all other types of film because its parts reside as separate files on a server.

13. The NET.FILM viewer does not participate by physical interaction but mentally as with any other film experience. Instead of having an on-click navigation, the NET.FILM plays all its components automatically in the way it is programmed.

14. Any web page with the <REFRESH> tag that leads the viewer through its content, and makes intentional meaning-structure out of this, could be regarded as a NET.FILM.