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sinae kim

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VR ; Arcade project

CAVE/VR, 2006

Modern capitalist society has two faces, on the one hand, as a surrealistic illusion and dream and, on the other hand, as commodity fetishism and alienation. The modern society offer sufficient fantasy to meet most needs.

Benjamin's book 'arcade project' still stand because of his insight into the cultural consequences of capitalism, an insight about the now inescapable culture of consumerism. For Benjamin,The arcades and interiors are residues of a dream world

We still promenade about arcade of the city. My maze is the visual space leading the people to the surrealistic dream . New product always seduct the people and arouse a desire. Peoples are warped by desire. we can't distinguish between true and false needs . This commodification of life becomes very Self-Repressive controlled by our need to satisfy false needs .

Society under advanced capitalism is unfree and repressive and that modern man has become intellectually and spiritually complacent through his psychological dependence on the blandishments of consumer society.

How do we "commodify" ourselves and our lives?

How can we escape this maze of desire?

single-wall projection Linux systems to full CAVEs. SGI OpenGL Performer

It was written using the Ygdrasil scripting language, with custom code for 3D model loaders, Maya keyframe animations, physics modeling, joystick input.

Ygdrasil is a simple yet powerful scripting language for the CAVE, which allows artists to easily create virtual worlds .Ygdrasil is an open-source language, and can be easily extended and customized. This section includes plugins, extensions, and modifications to the Ygdrasil language created to support specific interactive artworks or to explore new possibilities.

The traditional interface for the CAVE is the Wand, essentially a 3D mouse with buttons, a joystick, and a 6-degree-of-freedom motion tracker. The joystick plugin lets the CAVE use standard USB or analog joysticks and game controllers, providing a low-cost alternative to the Wand and creating a simple way to build custom interface devices for the CAVE.