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VOZ/net* is an interface that arose as an offshoot from the video-installation project Voz/ Resonancias de la prisión, which was exhibited in 2005-2006 at the Museo Nacional de Colombia - formerly the Penitenciaría de Cundinamarca - with the support of the Universidad Nacional de Colombia.

Voz/net is meant as a metaphor for the difficulties in hearing, listening to and recognizing the Other in prison. It proposes a navegation as the process to track voices and sounds of Colombian prisoners in British jails, and female inmates of the El Buen Pastor house of detention in Bogotá. The development of this interactive starts from efforts to channel a voice and to provide a stage that should fit the complexity of communications in and from a state of confinement.

The space that this interface explores grows out of the experience I had as I conceived and realized the basic elements of the installation Voz/resonancias de la prisión: interactivity with the body, in order to generate the auditory event; a run through each hall under a specific period of time urged upon the visitor's attention; and an encounter with video projections adjusted to the rear end of each hall, producing an infinite duplication of the space. All of those components construct a narrative that points to impossibility and blindness.

As there are no available documents that make the prison's interior visible, the sound and the searching action draw a route that stops being physical to enter into the complexity of what is mentioned, contained, negated and confined there. Time after time, the journey takes the navigators to a dead end, since they are never able to enter the prison, and thus cannot but recognize their own isolation and confinement, as well as the scarcity of the response.

Utilizing such a platform, VOZ/net brings the simultaneity of sound and image, voice and text into further closeness, by means of a programming that forces us to face the wall over and over. These basic elements are supported and interconnected by a storyboard, which incorporates further hidden navigations and at the same time cross-pollinates them with experiences of the piece that are presented off the Web.

  • Interface design, Boris Terán.